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Grove Area Percussion of ISD 279

Osseo, MN

Percussion Scholastic A class


Michael Brown 

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The Sculptor and the Sculpted

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Michael Brown, Logan Brandes, Scott Wochnick, Gretchen Fuesz, Michelle Johnson, Amanda Poston, Jamar Pasley, Rachel Graack


To grow and change and adapt is often difficult. It can come at unexpected times and from unexpected places. It can also require hard work, not unlike a sculptor working with a block of marble, working to turn it into a masterpiece. From Birth until Death we are always becoming a truer version of ourselves.

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2019 events:

Event Title Start Date
MPA — Foley 02/10/18
MPA — Eagan, presented by Groth Music 02/02/19
MPA — Foley 02/09/19
MPA — Osseo 02/23/19
MPA — Elk River 03/16/19
MPA Prelims, presented by Groth Music 03/30/19
MPA Championships 04/06/19


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